Why Typeo and not Typo? Because it is what it says it is.

There is a lot of talk about transparency in today's marketplace. But shouldn't business have always been conducted that way—with honesty and an open conversation? I believe in working with people who are passionate about what they do everyday. For me, it is about creating

designs that are organic, yet structured. Simple, but energizing. Smart, without hitting you

over the head. It must contain beautiful type. And if it can bring a smile to your face, then it has done its job effectively.

The following pages represent a sampling of my work over the past twelve years. I hope you find something you enjoy.

Electrify Africa

The Voice of 190,000

Bringing reliable energy access to 50 million people sub-Saharan Africans starts a signature and a bill. The ONE campaign teamed up with Maroon 5 in order to create an outreach platform that raised awareness among concert goers and their government representatives. A series of letters and cards were created to urge sponsorship of the Electrify Africa Act.


ONE worked with more than 20 partners—including NGOs, faith groups

and businesses—to reach citizens in South Africa, Malawi and Zambia. Responses were collected via email, SMS, radio interviews, social media and old-fashioned meetings at markets and bus stops to this question:
“Tell us one thing the government can do to improve your future?” The chart above was designed as part of the 16-page You Choose report that delivered the results of over 190,000 responses. The number one item that solicited 1/4 of all answers was "better job opportunities".

Big Data

Each year ONE publishes a report of extensive data in efforts to hold wealthy countries accountable to their commitments to the poorest of countries.
The 2012 report was specific to the EU's commitment to Africa. See who held strong, who fell short and what this means as we approach 2015.
download full report here...